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6A 6 Axis Load Cell

6A 6 Axis Load Cell

Multi Axis Load Cell

  • Capacities from 50N/1Nm to 50kN/5kNm
  • Force and torque in all 6 axis
  • Low crosstalk, just ±1% !
  • Option: Enhanced correction with 2nd crosstalk matrix
  • Temperature compensated
  • Most models IP67 rated
  • *Submersible option on higher capacities

The Interface 6A series of load cells feature six independent, temperature compensated bridges providing mV/V output to six independent channels. This enables measurement in three perpendicular axis simultaneously with three torque measurements about those axis.

The 6A series is available in 8+ different sizes to meet you requirements, most with IP67 enviromental sealing.  

Typical applications include

  • Orthopaedic and biomechanical research
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace reasearch
  • Automotive testing
  • Wind tunnel test models
  • Tow tank and submersible*

The 6A series of six axis load cells are available in several sizes to suit your application's capacity requirements with robotic specific models

Dimensions are capacity dependent. Please download the data sheet for more information

  • Second 36-term (6x6) crosstalk correction matrix for superior enhanced performance
  • BSC8 - Eight channel digital signal with USB connection, Windows compatible data logging and graphing software. 
  • The BSC8 also features 16-bit resolution, automatic load and torque calculations, 200k samples/second and Labview compatability 
  • BX8 - Eight Channel digital signal amplifier with USB and analogue outputs, windows compatible data loging and graphing software, 24-bit resolution, syncronized sampling, active scaling and internal crosstalk compensation
  • Load attachment plates (specific models only)
  • Fitted connectors on integral cable versions
  • Interconnect cables on connector versions
  • IP68 connector for water resistance
  • 6A multi axis transducer
  • NIST traceable certificate with comprehensive calibration and specification information plus details of crosstalk correction matrix

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