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USB Output Module

  • Digital I/O
  • Supplied with data logging software
  • Works with mV/V force transducers
  • Works with mV/V torque transducers
  • Upto 500 samples per second

The DIG-USB is a compact, high performance mV load cell and torque transducer signal converter with digitizing USB connectivity for your PC.

Connecting the DIG-USB to your PC means that data can be exported from your strain gauge device without the need for amplifiers, filters or other devices. The DIG-USB also provides excitation voltage for your device, eliminating the need for any external power. 

The Windows compatible software enables real time data viewing, data logging, manipulation and setup.

The DIG-USB can be supplied in the IP50 rated ABS enclosure or as a OEM PCB module 

Available Downloads

  • Supplied with configuration, data logging and graphing software
  • Windows driver DLLs available 
  • Works with any strain gauge load cell, torque or pressure sensor
  • Simple and easy to connect to you PC
  • OEM, PCB version available  

Available Downloads

Dimensions; 70mm x 51mm x 20mm (IP50 case version)

  • Windows compatible data logging and configureation software
  • 1.5 meter micro USB cable 

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